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Car Coddler: 3 Tips To Keep Your Vehicle Healthy!

This is the first post of a series from the ExactMats called Car Coddler. In this series, our experts will share practical care-care tips that may raise your eyebrows, but will absolutely lower the chances your vehicle will age prematurely.

Today, our three tips are about fuel, tires and exterior care.

Tanker, But No Tanks!

Fuel tank meter is empty

You’re on your way to buy fuel at your favorite gas station and happen to see a tanker truck filling up the storage tanks when you arrive. What should you do?

You’d be wise drive to go to a different station for your fill-up.

When a gasoline tanker is filling a gas station’s storage tank the strong inflow of new fuel churns up any sediments or impurities that may have settled to the bottom of the tank. That means that until the impurities settle again, those suspended contaminants can be pumped into your fuel system along with the fuel.

Fuel systems don’t like “dirty” fuel, so wait a few hours for the sediment to settle if you want to use that particular gas station.

Apply Sun Protection

Tires stacked on top of each other

There are two main culprits that degrade your tires; sunlight and ozone. 

To better protect the rubber from a slow death, consider using a tire cleaner and protectant to give your tires a little extra TLC.

NOTE: There are different kinds of tire protectants, including versions that make your tires shiny and others that will do the job and keep the tire appearance unaffected.


No Dirt for You!

Person wearing pink dishwashing gloves and sponge to clean dirty car

Washing your car properly means there are a few important things to remember.

One that is often overlooked: if you drop your wet washcloth on the ground while cleaning your car, don't reuse it without properly cleaning it first (rinsing it thoroughly with water).

Have you ever seen fine scratches in your paint but aren’t sure where it came from? Consider that all it takes is a few grains of dirt or sand, stuck in your washcloth or sponge, to begin to penetrate and damage the paint finish and create those unusual swirly scratches you may be seeing.
This tip applies to a dropped drying towel as well. While you won’t want to rinse out your drying towel for obvious reasons, be sure to shake the cloth vigorously before reusing to ensure it isn’t hiding any tine scratch hazards.

Well, that's it for now! Until next time, "take care" and coddle your car!

Pink thunderbird vintage car toy with red felt heart attached to the top with a ribbon


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