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ExactMats is proud to make a quality product, with very few warranty claims, and stands behind all of our products with a lifetime warranty, for issues under our control, as follows:

  1. Tears or punctures due to normal, daily wear and tear are covered. Our super strong vinyl will not tear, even if the mythological hero Hercules were to go at it. Likewise, punctures under normal use are unheard of. However, like any vinyl product, ExactMats can be damaged by improper use. This warranty, therefore, excludes damage other than that from normal wear and tear due to sharp objects being applied to the product (i.e., cuts or tears).

  2. Discoloration of the material itself is covered. ExactMats products are made of a special vinyl formulation. There’s no need to use an SPF sunblock on our product, as the material will not yellow by exposure to the sun or other light. However, there are conditions whereby the product can become stained over time by contaminants that would otherwise damage the surface it is protecting, most of which could be easily wiped/cleaned off with normal maintenance. Not cleaning your mats is like not cleaning your laundry. Stains can sometimes set in if the contaminant is not attended to in a timely manner. Since stains will occur without proper care, they are excluded from this warranty. While we don’t hear about staining very often, the most common case is when automotive mats become discolored, over time, by the daily transfer of asphalt oils, or similar contaminants, onto the protective mat. Periodic cleaning of ExactMats with soap and water will help prevent this buildup (Note: Do NOT use an ammonia-based product, as ammonia will discolor almost any plastic-based product) 
  1. The right fit is covered. All of our products are guaranteed to fit properly. We are “ExactMats” after all. Therefore we unconditionally warranty our home, office, and automotive products from an incorrect fit. For any product we produce that is not cut to within 1/16” tolerance of the measurements or pattern provided, we will replace it at our expense, assuming it has not been altered or cut in any way. Additionally, incorrectly fitting products, due to inaccurate measurements being provided to us for custom-requested products, are not covered by this warranty.
  1. Discoloration caused by “unfriendly” chemicals or contaminants is not covered by this warranty. ExactMats is a high-quality vinyl product, but certain chemicals can damage this material, like any other. Those chemicals include but are not limited to, acetone, dry markers, ammonia or other agents known to damage vinyl or plastic. This warranty excludes such damage. If you have any questions about whether or not you should use a specific chemical, our support team will be able to assist.