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Placing an order is easy - simply fill out the order form, below. This order form allows us to create your location/installation guide, which ships with your order and tells you exactly where to install each piece. For more information about each field, you can click the icon above each field.

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  • ExactMats® NEW "Crystal 40" (40Mil) antimicrobial liners are in stock! 
  • All 80Mil products in Crystal and Riverstone are currently backordered. For updates, or to join our wait list, please contact us. 

How to place an ExactMats® Order

Step 1: Enter the name of the room you are placing each liner. Example: “Kitchen”.

Step 2: Enter the location within the room the liner is being made for. Example: “Shelf above microwave”.

Step 3: Enter the finish you’d like your product produced in.

Note: While we usually carry multiple finish options, a couple are currently on back order (our 80Mil material in Crystal and Riverstone). If you are looking to outfit your shelves, drawers, or cabinets, we recommend “Crystal 40”, which is our newest, most superior solution to date.

For more information on Crystal 40, or to be added to the wait list for our thicker materials, please contact us at

Step 4: Enter your corner preference. Our liners can be made in two corner options: rounded and square.

Step 5: Enter your dimensions (Length x Width) with included fractions of an inch, if applicable.

Note: For enclosed spaces like drawers or cabinet shelves, we recommend reducing your measurement by 1/8” to ensure the best fit.

Step 6: Enter the quantity of liners you would like to order for this specific installation location.


  • To add more rooms, click “Add Room” at the bottom-left of the order form.
  • To add more locations, click “Add Location” at the bottom-left of the order form.
  • Click “Update Cart” after each item is added, and before you proceed to checkout, to save your cart. 
  • All fields must be filled out in order to update your cart or check out.
  • If you would like to order an unusual shape or size, just contact us and we’ll walk you through how to order.
  • Need Help? We're here to help! Reach out to us here.

For more detailed instructions on measuring your surfaces for ExactMats Home & Office, visit our How To Measure page.