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Custom Liners & Mats

Clear, Perfect-Fitting Surface Protection


Whether you're looking to order custom shelf/drawer liners, table/desk covers, floor protection, or anything else, our ordering process makes creating your perfect, custom solution a breeze!

Product Comparison Guide

To get started, just fill out the form below, select your preferences, enter dimensions, and we'll create your product just as you've ordered it! For multi-item orders, we'll also include an easy-installation/location guide, making installation for any size job super easy!
For the best results, we recommend reviewing our product comparison charts/guides, located in our FAQs. 
Crystal Riverstone Cleated Riverstone
80 Mil$7.20 ft280 Mil$7.20 ft280 Mil$7.20 ft2
60 Mil$7.20 ft2
40 Mil$7.20 ft2
80 Mil$7.20 ft2
60 Mil$7.20 ft2
40 Mil$7.20 ft2
80 Mil$7.20 ft2
Cleated Riverstone
80 Mil$7.20 ft2
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How To Place An Order

Because our liners and mats are custom-made for a variety of uses, it's important to review this page, as well as our FAQs, to ensure you are ordering the best product for your specific use-case.

1) Enter Room Name

Enter the name of the room you are placing each liner or mat. - Example: “Kitchen”

2) Enter Location Name

Enter the location within the room the liner is being made for. Example: “Shelf above microwave”

3) Select Material Finish

After reviewing our Product Comparison Guide, select the finish/material and thickness that meets your needs. - Example: “Riverstone (80Mil)”or “Crystal (60Mil)”

4) Select Overall Shape

Choose the overall shape you would like your mat/liner produced in. This is not a corner shape (additional corner shape options will become available on applicable shapes). Example: “Square” or “Circle”

Note: Certain selections may add or remove fields within the order form. This is completely normal – our form only shows what is required to produce a mat/liner. For instance, if selecting the “Square” shape, you will only be required to enter one dimension (we will automatically apply the same measurement on the 2nd dimension). Similarly, when selecting the “Circle” shape, you will only be required to enter the diameter of the circle.

Need a different shape? No problem, we can help! Just reach out to us and we'll work with you to create the perfect solution!

5) Select Corner Shape

If you select “Rectangle” or “Square”, you will see a new field appear - “Corners”. Simply choose your preferred corner shape for your mat/liner. Example: “Squared”, “Rounded”, or “Cut Corners”

“Squared Corners” are the default, followed by “Rounded Corners” and “Cut Corners”, which offer further customization (“Corner Radius” or “Cut Distance”). For more information, please review the "?" icon above the “Shape” field, in the order form above, for more information.

Note: When selecting “Circle”, “Oval”, or “Stadium/Capsule”, you will not see corner options available – please skip this step.

Need a different shape? No problem, we can help! Just reach out to us and we'll work with you to create the perfect solution!

6) Enter Your Dimensions

Enter your measurements (in inches, with included fractions of an inch, if applicable). For shapes like “Circle” and “Square”, you will only need to enter one dimension (for a Circle, the single dimension will act as the “Diameter”).

Note: For applicable shapes (“Rectangle”, “Standard Oval”, and “Stadium/Capsule”) the “Length” and “Width” fields may be used interchangeably. For enclosed spaces like drawers or cabinets, we recommend reducing your measurement by 1/8” to ensure the best fit. For more detailed instructions on measuring your surfaces for ExactMats Home & Office, visit our How To Measure page.

7) Enter Quantity

Enter the quantity of liners you would like to order for this specific line item/installation location.


Order Form Tips & Tricks

  • To add a room, click “Add Room” at the bottom-left of the order form.
  • To add a location within a room, click “Add Location” at the bottom-left of the order form.
  • Before you proceed to checkout and after adding a line item, click “Add to Cart” or “Update Cart” to save your cart. For larger orders, to ensure the best experience, we recommend saving regularly and keeping the order form page open. (Note: All required fields must be filled out to successfully update your cart. If a required field is missing when adding a room or location, or updating the cart, the order form will alert you with a red outline around the missing field.)
  • To completely remove an item from your order (“Location” or “Room”), you may click the “Remove” button on the bottom-right of the line item.
  • To completely clear a saved cart, you may click the “Empty Cart”. Note: Item removal/ emptying the cart cannot be undone.
  • Need Help or want to order a more custom mat or liner? We're here to help! Reach out to us here.