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Why Choose ExactMats®


Every ExactMats® product is made clear for a reason. You bought your vehicle, cabinetry or furniture because you like how it looked. So who are we to suggest you cover it up with something unattractive? All ExactMats® products are made from the clearest, pure vinyl available. That means you can still enjoy the intended appearance of those surfaces, while knowing they are protected.

Perfect Fit

All ExactMats® products are manufactured to exactly match the specifications of the space you want to protect. Our automotive floor liners, exactly match the size and shape of the vehicle’s original OEM mats by make, model and year. When protecting  home and office surfaces, we match the dimensions to within 1/16th of an inch tolerance.


The word “easy” means everything to us, literally.  After all, you have enough complicated things to deal with during the day, so our products are designed with ease in mind. They’re easy to order, easy to install and easy to clean.  Plus we work to make it easier for you in other ways, too.  From how our website works to customer service, we take pride in lightening your load.

Made in the USA

Strength, clarity, accuracy and even what a product smells like are important. Made in the USA means we can closely oversee the quality of every product we make. Our pure vinyl is made right here in the States and shipped to Houston, Texas to be crafted in our warehouse into the products we sell. So you can be confident that ExactMats® products are made well, made in the USA.

Partners and Memberships

Member of NKBA (National Kitchen+Bath Association)
2020 Spaces Accredited Manufacturer
KCMA (Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association)