America's Original & Best-Selling Clear Floor Mats for Your Car

ExactMats is the original, precision-manufactured, clear floor mat designed to protect the clean look of your vehicle's interior

Your floor mats are typically the first thing in your vehicle to show wear and tear, and studies have shown that your floor mats are a big indicator of how much aftermarket value your vehicle may retain. Permanent stains, driver-side heel dents, and worn carpeting show up quickly in as little as just one year.

Other after-market mats rarely match your car's interior specs, while other more "industrial strength" mats are bulky, cumbersome to clean, and do little to retain the beauty of the original interior. Simply replacing your car's original factory mat can be a fairly tedious and hefty expense as well (often well over $100 for each mat).


Made with the highest-quality material to ensure maximum transparency

Allows the beauty of your original mats to show through.


ExactMats are molded to perfectly fit the exact shape of your original mats.


Guard against wear and tear, scuffs and spills.