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General ExactMats ® FAQs

What is ExactMats®?

ExactMats® is a lifestyle brand dedicated to protecting important and/or vulnerable surfaces from life’s everyday wear and tear, staining, scratching, and/or other risks that degrade their value and aesthetics - all while enhancing their appearance and function.

ExactMats provides solutions to meet the needs of vehicle owners, homeowners, professionals, and anyone else who values safeguarding their investments or belongings in a subtle and elegant way.

Are ExactMats® products made in the USA?

Yes! Since ExactMats® opened, in 1997, we’ve been proud to be a "Made in America" company.

ExactMats® products are made in the USA (Houston, Texas). We're continuiously source Made in America suppliers. 

What's your turnaround time?

At ExactMats®, we understand the need for speed. That's why we work our hardest to create quality products for our customers, in as little time as possible. Below, you will find our product turnaround time as well as our shipping turnaround time. 

Order Turnaround Time

Whether you're purchasing a standard product or a custom/made-to-order product, we strive to produce and ship out all orders as soon as possible. Normally, this means an order will typically ship within 3-5 business days of an order being placed (often times sooner).

Shipping & Delivery

Delivery times are dependent on the shipping destination, the method selected, and current marketplace shipping conditions. However, good delivery estimate for orders with standard shipping, is 2-5 business days from the day it ships out (except for Hawaii and Alaska, which may take longer).

Note: during times of extreme volume, such as Black Friday and the last 2 weeks of the year, production and shipping estimates may be extended by a few business days. 

Note (Surface Protection / Home & Office Orders): During the hotter months of the year, our Home & Office liner products are exclusively shipped on specific days of the week. This is done to prevent orders from sitting too long in excessive heat, as this may alter requested dimensions slightly. Of course, we try to avoid this. Should you need your liners by a certain date, please contact us before placing your order.

Please see our Shipping & Delivery page for more information.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, in addition to shipping throughout the U.S., we also ship to Canada. 

If you are outside of these countries and have a special request, we would be happy to get a shipping quote for you - simply reach out to us at

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept most major credit cards, including American Express, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, Mastercard, and Visa, as well as Paypal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Facebook Pay.

Do you charge sales tax?

For Texas billing addresses, ExactMats® is required by law to collect sales tax which will be added to your order total and displayed at checkout.

Out of state orders are sold without sales tax.

How much will my order cost to ship?

It depends on the size and weight of the order, as well as the shipping method selected. We do offer FREE standard shipping on retail orders of $45 or more, after discounts, if any are applied. Shipping is additional for orders where the product check-out amount is less than $45.

We ship via UPS, FedEx, and USPS, primarily.

Most orders will ship via UPS, but specific products/orders to certain destinations (i.e: Hawaii and Alaska, or more rural areas, for example) may be shipped via USPS. Either way, we offer several shipping options to choose from at checkout.

Please see our Shipping & Delivery page for more information. 

What is your return policy?

Please see our Return Policy for all information on returning any product(s). 

Can I use multiple discount codes per order?

Customers may apply only one discount, coupon, or pricing code offer per order. However, gift cards may be used in combination with a discount code.

What is the best way to reach ExactMats?

If you have a question or concern not outlined in our FAQs, we welcome you to contact us via email (the fastest way to reach us) or phone. 

  • Email: - the best way to reach us! This email address is closely monitored by our Support Team. As such, this method provides the quickest response time.

    • Existing Orders: If you are emailing us about an existing order, please include the name and/or email on the order, order number, and any other information regarding how we may assist. This information will help improve our ability to respond in an expedited manner.

    • Questions: If you are emailing us to ask a question, please include in your email specific details about how we may assist. This information will help improve our ability to respond more effectively.

  • Phone (1-888-395-6004): When call volumes are high, your call may be routed to our voicemail service. While we work diligently to return calls in a timely manner, if you’re looking to reach us more quickly, email is the fastest way. However, if you do prefer a phone call, please note the following:
    • Existing Orders: If you are calling us about an existing order, please have your order information handy (name and/or email on the order, order number, etc).

    • Questions: If you are calling to ask a question and are routed to our voicemail service, please include your name, phone number, and specific details about how we may assist you in your message, and we will return your call as soon as possible.

What if I receive a product that doesn’t fit?

We unconditionally warranty our home, office, and automotive products from an incorrect fit.

All of our products are guaranteed to fit properly, defined as fitting the requested order’s specifications (ie: the measurements submitted for Home & Office products, and matching the OEM carpeted mat shape and size for automotive products, or when we create an even more comprehensive solution for a vehicle). We are “ExactMats” after all.

Any incorrectly-fitting products that are so as a result of inaccurate measurements being provided to us (for custom-requested Home & Office products) or inaccurate/incorrect selection of make/year/model/edition (for automotive mats) are not covered under our warranty and do not fall under the responsibility of ExactMats. However, as a customer-centric company, we do review orders on a case-by-case basis and will do our best to assist if we are able. 


Automotive Products

For automotive products, we’ve found that the perception that something doesn’t fit properly can sometimes come down to a few factors: 1) The wrong mat was placed in the wrong area, or 2) The mat was installed backwards or upside down. If you believe that an automotive mat doesn’t seem to fit properly, we’d recommend taking another look at the placement first. Should you have any questions, our Support Team ( is here to assist!

If your order still doesn’t seem to fit, have confidence that we will work with you to make it right. While we try to be as perfect as possible, mistakes can sometimes occur. If a mistake has been made with your order, we will typically replace the product at no charge. 


Home & Office Products 

For any Home & Office product we produce that is not cut to within 1/16” tolerance of the measurements or pattern provided, we will replace it at our expense, so long as it has not been altered, cut in any way, or left in a hot environment for any period of time before it was installed (heat naturally shrinks plastic products).

Incorrectly-fitting products that are so as a result of inaccurate measurements being provided to us for custom-requested products, are not covered by our warranty.

(NOTE: if a Home & Office product doesn’t seem to fit, specifically if it’s too large, it can often easily be addressed without the need to return - just give us a call (1-888-395-6004) so that we may guide you through the process. 

Do your products give off a smell?

Off-gassing, not to be confused with harmful outgassing, exists in any form of plastic or vinyl. It occurs when gasses are released from plastic products. You’ve probably noticed this off-gassing effect when opening up a brand new shower curtain, pool float, or beach ball, for example.

Because of the formulations we use, our vinyls do not include chemicals that create an offensive smell, like some imported plastics do. Of course, if you have olfactory sensitivity, you may notice a familiar, faint plastic smell. However, like other forms of vinyl, this non-harmful scent will wear off rather quickly. 

ExactMats® Home & Office FAQs

What are ExactMats® Home & Office products made to do?

ExactMats® is in the business of protecting vulnerable household and workplace surfaces from being damaged. Our products also enhance appearance, dampen sound, and absorb impact.

For our Home & Office products, we apply our technology to create precise-fitting coverage for everything from cabinets and drawers to furniture, closet applications, laundry rooms, storage rooms, garages, and wherever you want added protection.

What does "virgin vinyl" mean?

Simply put, virgin vinyl is a first-generation material made with no reconditioned chemicals or additives. All ExactMats® clear products are made from this pristine material.

In contrast, a lot of vinyl-based products that seem to be “clean” are made from old vinyl that has been broken down, blended together, and re-used to save manufacturers money. That means you can never really know what’s in it or where it came from.

An obvious downside of this old, re-used vinyl is a noticeable reduction in quality, which directly affects the clarity and/or smell of the product. By utilizing 100% virgin vinyl, ExactMats products are the clearest and cleanest available, with a formulation that makes them virtually indestructible, when used as intended. For our Home & Office line, our vinyl is specially formulated to be FDA-compliant, BPA- and phthalate-free ensuring safe use in kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas.

What color are ExactMats® Home & Office liners?

All ExactMats® Home & Office products are clear and colorless.

Do ExactMats® Home & Office liners change color over time?

Our Home & Office products do not change color on their own and will remain in their original clear, colorless state when maintained properly.

Note: Exposure to a high degree of humidity can create some minor opaque freckles over time, which is usually not very noticable. 

Note: Lengthy exposure to the sun or spilling something that chemically alters the color or chemistry of the material (i.e., a solvent, or something that stains) may result in product damage and is not covered under our limited lifetime warranty.

What is the difference between 40 Mil, 60Mil, and 80 Mil Home & Office liners and which should I choose?

Great question!

The primary difference is the thickness. Selecting the thickness that works for you comes down to two things: use-case and preference. 

Below, you'll find a comparison chart identifying the differences between each of our products. 

Thickness Comparison of Crystal 40Mil, 60Mil, and 80Mil - ExactMats ExactMade

Our 40Mil Crystal material is ultra clear, looks like glass, and is very durable. It's about ½ as thick as our thickest material (80Mil). 40Mil is great for drawer and cabinet liner applications and is best on non-glossy surfaces. It weighs about 0.25 lbs/sf, so it is stable, tearproof, and creates a strong protective barrier. 

Our 60Mil Crystal material is also ultra clear, looks like glass, and is more durable than our 40Mil option. It weighs abuot 0.38 lbs/sf and is stable and tearproof like our 80Mil material. 60Mil is also great for drawer and cabinet liner applications and is best on non-glossy surfaces. This product is also great at protecting tables, desks, and many other surfaces. 

Our 80Mil comes in 2 finishes - Crystal and Riverstone. This is our thickest, strongest, and most durable option. It weighs about 0.5lbs/sqft. Crystal is incredibly clear and looks like glass, just like our 60Mil and 40Mil varieties. It's best used on non-glossy surfaces. Riverstone is clear and is textured on one side and smooth on the other, making it reversible. Because of this, Riverstone is versatile and works for nearly any surface and because it is textured, it also hides existing surface damage. Both options are excellent when used as table and desk covers, shelf and drawer liners, and anything else you can think of! 

Which surface finish option is best for me?

ExactMats® Home & Office currently offers two different material styles/finishes. They are made of identical ingredients but provide two distinct looks. The major considerations for selecting the right material are pretty simple:

Where will you be using it? How will you be using it? How do you want it to look? In general, we suggest using the following guidelines in making your selection:

Crystal is most popular for uses where fully transparent, glass-like appearance and clarity is desired.

Entertainment centers, tabletops, desktops or other showcase pieces are common applications, but drawers, shelves and other surfaces are also appropriate if desired.

Riverstone is clear with a slightly textured surface on one side, and a smooth, Crystal-like surface on the other. This refracts light and gives the clear material an ability to hide imperfections.  It’s commonly used for shelf and drawer liners for homes and offices but also popular for making heavy duty mats to go beneath exercise equipment to create mud mats and other trafficked areas.

Another benefit of Riverstone is that its microgrooves allow air to circulate under items, such as glasses or plates, that may come out of the dishwasher with some moisture on them.

If you are looking to protect a surface that has scratches or other minor damage, and you’d like to disguise it, Riverstone can help. Riverstone allows the underlying surface color/grain to show through, while simultaneously offering the ability to disguise existing damage. Likewise, if you are looking to protect an extremely high-gloss surface, Riverstone will be the best choice. High-gloss surfaces can electrostatically create some clinging is not really noticeable under the Riverstone pattern.

Both materials have the same physical cushioning and sound-dampening qualities, and while vinyl is not hard like glass, it is far more forgiving, and will more safely absorb impact.

At times we may also have a variety of thicknesses to choose from or products with antimicrobial protection built in.

How should I measure the areas I want to protect to be sure I’m accurate?

For enclosed areas with sides: we recommend using either an ordinary tape measure or, if you’re adventurous, you can use a laser-measuring tool (just make sure it’s calibrated, if necessary, and reads measurements in 1/16th of an inch increments).

For open surfaces, with no sides: if you’re measuring an open surface like a tabletop or desktop, we recommend using a tape measure, since there will be no sides for a laser to reflect off of. Always measure these surfaces exactly to the size you want them.

For drawers and shelves: we recommend reducing your actual measurements by 1/8” (width and length), which will allow you to more easily remove the liner for any needed cleaning. Of course, rounding the corners, which we offer at no extra cost, will also do the trick.

Our favorite suggestion, in regard to accuracy when measuring, is to measure the same space a couple of times and at different points to ensure accuracy. Note: not all spaces have perfectly parallel sides, so it's always best to double check your measurements (our motto is "measure twice, cut once").

Need assistance? We'd be happy to help! Just send us an email at

For more information see our How to Measure page. 

What if I measure incorrectly?

While obtaining the correct measurements of a space is out of our control, we want you to have what you need! 

If you inadvertently make an error in a measurement, simply reach out to our Support Team ( for assistance.

In the case of ordering pieces that are simply too long, we are able to instruct you on how to adjust the product from home. However, for orders with more complicated issues, we offer replacements at 50% off of our regular retail price + shipping. 

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to refer to our measuring guide here.

What if ExactMats® makes an error that doesn’t match what I put in the order form?

Our quality control process makes errors very unlikely.

However, if you do feel there has been an error, we welcome you to reach out to our Support Team ( for help. In the rare event that your order is not made exactly to your specifications, and you have not altered the item in any way, we will replace the product at our expense.

How are ExactMats® Home & Office liners and mats priced?

ExactMats® Home & Office products are typically priced by the square foot.

As you create your order in our order builder, you will see your price updated to reflect your current selections in square inches, which our system converts into square feet.

Should you have a promotional code to use, discounts will be reflected at checkout. 

Do your products use adhesives?

Absolutely not!

Unlike contact paper and other lining products, ExactMats® liners and mats are made with a robust, FDA-compliant vinyl. This results in a product that is fully assisted by gravity to stay in place.

Are ExactMats® Home & Office liners safe to use in my kitchen, and around kids/pets?


We developed our proprietary formula(s) specifically with the kitchen in mind. That’s why we made sure our liners are FDA-compliant (for secondary contact with food), as well as BPA and Pthalate-Free. They also contain no harmful chemicals or dyes and are compliant with USDA standards for contact with food. Use them with peace-of-mind wherever you need perfect-fitting protection.

How will I know where each product belongs when I receive the order?

Regardless of the size of your order, our system is designed to make things easy for you.

That’s why our easy ordering process allows you to identify exactly where you’d like each item to go, in your owns words, down to the very room and cabinet/drawer (or other surface) you intend on placing it.

That way, when you receive your order, each item will have an identifying tag on it, specifying exactly where you intend on using it, (i.e., drawer to right of sink, Kitchen). Once you’re ready to install, simply remove the tag and drop it in place.

How much heat can ExactMats® Home & Office products take?

Let’s look at that in two parts.

First, our products are made of a fire-retardant material. In other words, the material will not hold a flame. It is self-extinguishing.

Second, As far as contact heat is concerned, we suggest using common sense. A hot cup of coffee should be just fine, whereas a frying pan right off of the flame is more likely to do damage. To be conservative, we suggest limiting heat exposure to no more than 150-175 degrees F.  

ExactMats® Auto FAQs

What are ExactMats® Auto floor mats?

ExactMats® automotive floor mats are designed to precisely protect the floor and cargo areas of each vehicle from dirt, grime or other forms of damage, in order to extend the clean appearance, life and value of the vehicle. ExactMats are individually made to match your specific vehicle according to its make, model and year.

ExactMats floor mats come in two popular varieties; original clear ExactMats, designed to identically overlay your vehicle's original OEM carpeted mats and ExactMats X-Edition; a heavy duty replacement mat. Both products are designed to blend in with your vehicle's interior to look like they are part of the vehicle, not an added accessory or an overbearing, over-designed floor covering.

All ExactMats provide exceptional, robust protection to vehicle floors, trunks, and cargo areas with subtle elegance, unlike unnecessarily bulky, mass-marketed products. Made of our proprietary formulation, ExactMats are engineered to be physically lighter in weight than other mats while providing unparalleled strength.

We receive five star consumer reviews on all platforms, because our customers love our products and take special pride in their vehicles by protecting them with out distraction or unnecessary bulk.

In summary, we make two types of automotive mats:

  • Clear (ExactMats) are a great choice for those who are looking for durable, see-through protection. These mats were primarily designed to be used as overlay mats (they perfectly match your vehicle's OEM floor mats by make/model/year). 

  • Charcoal Black (X-Mats) are an excellent choice for those who are looking for a heavier-duty replacement mat. ExactMats X-Edition also include locking grommets for supported vehicles.

Do your automotive products change color over time?

No, our auto mats DO NOT naturally change color over time. 

Note: If you notice your mats are turning yellow, or other colors, it’s likely to have been caused by dirt, grime, debris, and oils that have been tracked in by shoes (if you feel they turned yellow for any other reason, please reach out to our support team for assistance).

We also offer a warranty for our auto products, but this does not cover accidental stains, damage, or anything else related to normal wear and tear.

How much floor area will my ExactMats® cover?

We design our automotive mats to match the precise dimensions of your original factory mats (OEM), so your new ExactMats® will fit perfectly on top of your carpeted mats, and X-Mats fit just right as a replacement, protecting every line and curve.

Some vehicles are available with a “UniMat” option, most often in the second row. This means that instead of ordering 2 separate mats, you can order a single mat for your back seat area. The UniMat still fits the exact shape of the individual mats, but also provides a precise fit across the middle of the vehicle floorboard; an area that might not normally be protected by a factory mat. The UniMat is a great option for people who want that extra bit of protection in their vehicle.

I can’t find my vehicle on your website. What can I do to get ExactMats® in my vehicle?

Our website allows you to search for your vehicle (by make/model/year) in a couple ways.

1. You may search in our search bar, which is located at the top-right of the website. 
2. For Clear ExactMats, click here and press the "Find Your Vehicle" button to select your vehicle.
3. For Black X-Mats, click here and press the "Find Your Vehicle" button to select your vehicle. 

If you are still unable to locate your vehicle through these methods, no problem - we can help!

While we work with our partner dealerships to ensure that we have the latest mat templates for every vehicle design that hits the US market, occasionally we may not have captured something new yet. That said, if you don’t see your vehicle listed, or you are unsure about which model you should be buying, give us a call at 888.395.6004, or email us at, and we will walk you through a simple process to get you the protection you need.

Have an antique/vintage or imported vehicle? No problem! We work with our customers to create custom, protective mats for a wide variety of classic, collectible, and imported cars (even a few airplanes, boats, and RVs!) Just give us a call or shoot us an email with more information about your vehicle, and we will work with you to get a custom pattern created just for your car (custom ExactMats® available on a case-by-case basis and may include a small customization fee).

My auto mats don’t seem to fit. What should I do?

We design and manufacture every set of ExactMats® to fit each specific vehicle, exactly according to make, model, and year. Occasionally, customers will install their new mats and be concerned that there is an incorrect fit. Here are a few things to check first:

  • Look at the box to make sure you ordered and received the correct make, model, and year.  

  • Next, check to see if your mats are facing the correct direction. Your ExactMats®will be the exact same dimensions and size as the original carpeted mats by make, model, and year, so make sure you have them rotated correctly to match up right.

  • Are your ExactMats®on the correct side of your vehicle? There are often subtle variations in design between driver and passenger mats, or even mats in the second row. Make sure you haven’t accidentally placed an ExactMats®on the wrong side of the vehicle or backward.

  • Do you have the original factory floor mats in your vehicle? ExactMats® are made to fit factory designs. Aftermarket mats that claim to be the same shape as the original are often, in fact, a different shape and/or size entirely. We certify our mats to fit their factory counterparts, so for the best fit, we recommend having your original mats in your vehicle, or you can simply replace your carpeted mats with ours, (X-Mats will more likely have a hole for the locking mechanism if your vehicle has one).

  • If you’ve tried these suggestions and are still having issues with fit, contact us at with photos of the ExactMats® on top of your factory mats. This will help our production team determine if there was some sort of error in the production or packaging process and help them resolve your issue right away.

What if I no longer have my vehicle's factory (OEM) mats?

No problem! Our X-Mats are perfect for this use and support locking mechanisms to prevent slippage.

Our clear ExactMats® are typically meant to be used as an overlay as they do not, by default, contain any support for locking mechanisms. However, should you be interested in using our clear mats as a replacement mat, we welcome you to give us a call so that we may customize them to match your vehicle's locking mechanism. 

Both mat types include carpet grippers as well. 

What's the difference between an overlay mat and a replacement mat?

An overlay mat sits atop the original, factory-provided (OEM) carpeted mat in a vehicle. It is identical in size and shape and fully covers these original mats. Our overlay mats are extremely clear. Customers who choose this product generally want to see their carpeting beneath, or the logo of their vehicle on the carpeted mat, to preserve the vehicle’s intended look.

A replacement mat is just what it sounds like. Rather than laying on top of another mat, a replacement mat completely replaces it. Customers who choose this product generally have old, damaged, or stained carpeted mats (or no mats at all) and want to provide protection that is similar to or better than the original carpeted mats. Or they just may wish to integrate the stylish look of our X-Edition mats into their vehicle. Additionally, our replacement mats come with matching locking support (on applicable models).

If my vehicle has options for both "seats up" and "seats down", which should I choose?

When you see “Seats Up” in the ordering menu, it means you will receive a mat that matches the cargo space when the last row of seats are in position for seating.

“Seats Down” means you will receive a mat that matches the cargo space when the last row of seats are set in the “cargo” position.

So, in selecting the right product for you, think in terms of how your vehicle will most often be configured. For instance, if you select the seats up option, and want to use the vehicle in seats down mode, the mat cargo mat will not cover the entire area. Likewise, if you order seats down, and transform the vehicle into the seats up configuration, the mat will be too large for the space and you may need to roll it up partially.

Partner/Wholesale FAQs

How can I become a partner or a reseller of ExactMats®?

We love our partners!

ExactMats® partners with a wide variety of professionals across an array of markets, such as auto dealerships, design firms, cabinet companies, professional organizers, and more.

If you’re interested in partnering with ExactMats®, or offering our product to your clients, we’d love to chat. Please contact us directly by emailing us at, where a knowledgeable representative will work with you to register and get started.

If I am a partner/reseller, can I coordinate delivery of my ExactMats® Home & office order to when my products (cabinets, desks, etc.) are delivered to me and ready to protect?

Indeed, you can!

While we cannot guarantee an exact delivery date without an express shipping arrangement, we can typically coordinate with our partners to have order(s) arrive about the same time you’re ready to install it (as long as we have the right amount of lead time to produce and ship it, and the correct shipping address of course).

Ordering and Delivery

Can I place an order without creating an account?

Yes. You can place an order as a guest at with no obligation to create an account.

However, there are many benefits to creating an account, including the ability to check your order history and have your shopping cart items and payment details saved for next time.

It’s quick and easy to create an account. Just visit and follow the instructions on-screen.

Where is my order confirmation?

This is automatically sent to the email address used at checkout. If you haven’t received your order confirmation within 24 hours, we recommend first checking your spam/junk folder. If you are still unable to locate it, we welcome you to reach out to us at for assistance. 

How much is shipping?

Shipping costs depend on the shipping method selected and where it’s being delivered.

In general, orders of $45 or more, which are shipped to the lower 48 states (contiguous U.S.), include free shipping.

Can I track my order?

Yes. We’ll provide updates at every stage of your order, from the moment you place it, through to dispatch and delivery. In your delivery confirmation emails, you’ll receive a tracking reference, which you can use to check the progress of your order online.