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Clear Peace of Mind Has Come Home with ClearSpace

If you’re like most people, you take good care of the furnishings you own, and you want to be able to use them to their fullest.

Consider your kitchen table. You naturally enjoy meals one it or, perhaps, allow the kiddos to do their homework there if they’re really careful.

But you probably don’t want your kids pounding on the table with their forks, writing directly onto the table with a marker, or dumping slime out onto its wood finish (which can peel away your furniture finishes, by the way). 

Sure, you can pull a tablecloth out, throw it on the table, and let it take the beating. Or, you could spread out construction paper or newspaper across it to "protect" it. But these aren't really optimal solutions. You still want your kids to have fun, after all! 

Kids messy table art projects  

But what if you could protect any space, from damage and dirt, without those inconveniences? How else might you use the counter, table or otherwise if you knew you could do so without so much as a hint of worry?

Clearspace is an innovation that allows you to get the most from any home or office space without having to deal with eyesores and messy cleanup.

ClearSpace can be safely placed on any work or play surface and protect it, nearly invisibly.

Made of 100% virgin, clear vinyl, this product is about as thick as 20 sheets of paper. It’s super durable, resilient and can be easily wiped off, rolled up, and stored for its next use, making it incredibly portable. But because you can barely see this clear product, you can also just as easily leave it in place to keep protecting all day long. 

Here are just a few examples of how ClearSpace is being used by conscientious consumers across North America:

Organizing and Desk Enhancement

  • Use it as a clear desk blotter and store sticky notes or business cards underneath. They’re out of your way and you'll be able to see them completely. No misplacing notes anymore!
  • Have you ever hurried to find a piece of paper just so you could take a note during a phone call? With ClearSpace, and the included dry-erase markers, you’ll always be prepared to jot a quick note right on the product itself! Then, erase with a dry towel or alcohol wipe at your convenience.
    • Yep, ClearSpace is even dry-erasable and includes markers!
  • You can even stop wasting paper to keep grocery lists! With
    ClearSpace, you don’t have to repeatedly pull out a paper and pen (or your cell phone) to create them. Write directly on ClearSpace! Then, when you’re done with your list, take a picture with your mobile device and wipe ClearSpace clean, ready for your next list or doodling binge.

clearspace on a refrigerator

Awesome for Kids: Kids make the darndest messes. Now you can protect your surfaces from the cherubs and allow them to just have fun! 
  • Forget bringing the iPad to restaurants. ClearSpace is great to take with you to keep your kids entertained. They can play on top of the mat, or draw on it with the included markers. Or you can play dots, tic tac toe, and other games that allow your kids to interact with you rather than staring at a screen.
  • If you’ve ever made slime, you’ve probably had it rip off the finish of a surface is was played with on? We have! That's why ClearSpace protects surfaces from kinetic sand, slime, paint, or other art projects that are too messy for your important surfaces. If you get the mess on ClearSpace, you simply wipe it off.
  • Use ClearSpace as a placemat (ClearSpace is FDA-compliant). It isn’t an eyesore, because it can hardly be seen, but it sure can protect the area from everything from greasy food to water spots. 

fun times for kids with ClearSpace

Perfect for Pets With ClearSpace you can protect your floors from and walls from your pet's messes.

  • Consider protecting your woods, carpet, or tile from Fido or Felix's rogue food and slobbered water. And, you can be sure that you did feed your pets their breakfasts by writing on it with dry-erase markers. 
  • Cat's tend to kick their litter out of their boxes. But with ClearSpace, Felix’s cat litter will be tracked onto ClearSpace. From there, cleaning is as simple as wiping it down or dumping the particles into the trash! 
  • Or, put ClearSpace beneath your fishtank to protect its stand from damage, or under your hampster cage to catch the flying flakes of bedding.
  • Our Large ClearSpace mat is great to put under bird cages too. If you own parrot, you know what we’re referring to.

Cat litter box liner from ClearSpace by ExactMats

At the end of the day, there are hundreds of applications for ClearSpace. We've listed quite a few use-cases, but our customers are always finding new, creative ways to use it! How will you use ClearSpace? 

Order ClearSpace by ExactMats

Of course, if you're ever looking for custom sizes, we can help! Just go here to place your custom order: 

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 Here’s to clean, clear protection! 

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