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Mother Nature Protects Her Belongings: Do You?

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Glass mug of milk spilled on a counter or desk, leaving liquid rings

If you have ever experienced any of the following faux pas, you’re really going to relate to this post.

If you haven’t, consider yourself in the minority and learn from it!


Have you ever:

  • Accidentally scratched a table or desk?

  • Spilled a drink on any surface including wood or carpeting?

  • Put dishes with moisture on them back into a kitchen?

  • Written on a surface, only to see your writing indented into it?

  • Hesitated when putting a cold drink on a nightstand, or worse yet, went ahead and popped that sweating glass on it thinking “I’ll move this before any damage is done”, but didn’t?

  • Tracked dirt, grime or other yuck onto your car floor and cringed when saw what had happened?

  • Pushed something across any surface and scuffed it, blaming the scuff on the “fact” that the surface should have been able to take it?

  • Did any kind of damage to any surface, even though you didn’t intend to?

Our very educated guess is that you’ve experienced at least one of those scenarios, or certainly understand the risk each present.

“Nature may do the best job of protecting itself. It’s why trees have bark, animals have skin, and why hills don’t erode when there is grass planted on them. Mother nature sure is smart!”

- Anonymous

Nobody wants to ruin furniture, cabinetry, their car floor, or other pristine surfaces, and we certainly don’t want to constantly see the reminder of the damage we did every time we look at that scuffed table, ink-stained drawer, or worn carpeting up by the gas peddle.

The good news is, just like Mother Nature, you can prevent most of that damage from happening in the first place!

The Best Offense is a Good Defense  
 Football Team In Snow Paying Offensive and Defensive

Here are few quick tips to help you have one or two fewer things to be concerned about in today’s hectic world.

  1. Did you know that the majority of consumers (nearly 60%) line their cabinets and drawers with something, even if it’s only cheap liner paper?

    On the other hand, those who don’t add the protection either don’t recognize the need, don’t feel like doing the work to make it happen or think the products available to create that protection are less than attractive.   That’s all fair, but not investing in something, and hoping you won't need it, can backfire.

    If you genuinely believe that there’s a reasonable chance that some damage will occur to those surfaces over time, we suggest you get ahead of the potential regret and protect it.

    There are all kinds of do-it-yourself solutions out there from liner paper and cork to rolled up sheets of plastic liners, and if it’s the time and work part that keeping you from safeguarding your investments, companies like ExactMats® will create made-to-order protection you can just drop in place.

    Tulip flowers lining and falling out of a drawer

  1. Protective floor mats are one of the fastest growing automotive accessories. It is projected to be a $32B market by 2022. Why? Because folks are learning it costs a lot more to continuously clean, repair or replace damaged flooring, or the OEM carpeted mat than it does to just protect it in the first place.

    Not to mention that interior damage decreases the resale/trade-in value of the vehicle (and your friends’ impression of how you care for your vehicle, to boot). If you get in and out of your vehicle with any frequency, purchase some protective overlay mats.

    Select the style you want. It may be a clear see-through mat or a black rubber look you want. In any case, you’ll be glad you made that purchase instead of being angry with yourself when “the grime monster” lands on your beautiful flooring.

    ExactMats Floor Mat In Vehicle/Car/Automobile

  1. Furniture is expensive to buy and replace. That’s true. But the expense isn’t the only consideration. Nobody likes to bring guests in their home or office where there’s a stained table, a desk that’s chipping up, or a credenza with permanent marks all over it.

    You can avoid that damage easily. Starting by using something as simple as coasters. Or if you want broader protection, you can purchase mats, blotters or table covers that look nice and will continue to protect the surface 24/7. Some, like glass or ExactMats®, are nearly invisible and allow you to see the original surface through them.

    Tea cup on coaster on wood table or desk next to macbook laptop

    1. Carpeting and wood flooring can take a beating. Hallways and places where kids or pets hand out are at particular risk.

      If you have a high-traffic flooring area, think ahead and protect it. Floor runners are a great solution. They’re available with grippers on them for carpeted floors and without grippers for hard flooring.

      Some are colored, some clear, and some even have a higher end, designer look and feel to them. It’s up to you to pick the look you want, but your flooring will not tell you it wants the help until it’s too later.

      Dog drooling on nice new rug

      Regardless of the surface, you want to protect, there are solutions available to you. Like nature, you simply need to take the extra step to create long-term preservation strategies of your most important possessions.

      The cost of doing so will be low compared to the physical, financial and emotional costs of pretending damage will never happen. Mother Nature knows that everything that is ever made will eventually be destroyed. All we can do is take the extra step to ensure it doesn’t happen on our


      Want to protect all of your surfaces with little to no work? 

      We've got you covered, literally. 

      Check us out at for automotive, home, and office protection. 


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