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A Total Eclipse Of The Car...Floor

Let's Talk About Eclipses

Today's total solar eclipse is a historic event. 

Solar eclipses are pretty rare. In fact, it's likely that this is the first time most of our readers are seeing this stunning, natural phenomenon. 

An eclipse occurs when one celestial body crosses in front of another and blocks part, or all of, what is behind it.

When a “totality” occurs, such as it will today across the USA, one body (the moon) will cross in front of the other (the sun) and completely cover it for about two minutes.  

Two minutes from any point within the path of the total eclipse is, indeed, a short amount of time.

Scientists who are in the zone of the totality will be able to look at just the sun’s aura, allowing them to study it to better understand “solar weather.”  

Of course, scientists would love to study the sun every day. 

They’d love to be able to look directly at it, but the sun is so bright that looking directly at it with the naked eye is not feasible (or safe). 

At ExactMats®, the eclipse concept was part of our product development strategy back when we opened for business in 1997.  

Our founders wanted to protect car floors from damage with total, precise coverage -- just like the moon will cover the sun today -- but like the scientists who study the sun and ideally want to see it, we knew that our customers wouldn’t want to block out the view of their entire car floor.  

They'd want to see it, every day! 

That’s why ExactMats® are clear.

Completely clear, virgin vinyl, car mat by ExactMats® Auto that is perfectly fit to an original factory OEM mat for a vehicle

So, while other floor liners on the market create a permanent “blackout” of your car floors so that you can never see it, ExactMats® provides you with the exact coverage you need to protect your floor from damage, with the added ability to enjoy a full view of your factory mats -- all day, every day.  

We think that’s pretty cool, and so do our loyal customers.

Protect your vehicles, home, and offices today with ExactMats®


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