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Country vs. City: The Battle of the Truck Owners

Everybody has a type. With truck owners, there are two very specific genres you fall under- are you a city truck owner or a country truck owner? This rivalry goes back to the ends of time. Truck owners are subjected to having different needs from living in different types of areas. Do you love the look and feel of a sleek, 4x4? Or are you more interested in how you’re getting your things from point A to point B? Either way, you fit the truck brand. And why wouldn’t you? Trucks are the epitome of America and working hard. People who work hard also like to play hard, and that’s why people from all sides like to jump in a truck.


The Things You Carry

If you’re a city mouse, you may be the one your friends call to help move out of their old apartment. Chances are, the number of truck owners around you may be slightly lower if you live in a big city. This means that you’re the go-to friend, family member, or co-worker when someone needs big boxes moved or a new couch delivered. But living in the country it’s a whole different story. Your transportation services could be distinctive to how you live your life. Maybe you have to transport a trailer or lug around heavy machinery. Your F-150 is your food on the table, the way you do your job, and how your family gets to school.


The People You Give Rides To

Flannel shirts, work boots, and Levis jeans. These are your people. They know when to work hard and when to crack open a drink and relax. Grab your friends and shuffle in on the bench before going to your favorite local place for a drink. Your truck is a handout, transportation, and a place to chill out. If you live in the city, your Dodge Ram might be occupied by your dinner date or your next big client. The messes you clean up may not be as extreme as your country counterpart, but the look and feel of your truck is even more important. ExactMats has you covered whether you’re using them to protect your car from your friends, or impress them. With the clearest mats in the industry, you can keep your car spotless without losing the original look and feel of your favorite truck. Keep it clean but stylish and enjoy the ExactMats lifetime warranty that they will never rip or tear.  


The Hobbies You Have

Ever tried to go off-roading in the middle of Manhattan? The country truck owners might find a few more uses for their trucks when it comes to the hobbies they have. In Texas, hunting and fishing is more than just a hobby. It’s a way of life. Not only does your truck make hunting and fishing easier, it makes it possible. When you enjoy your annual surf fishing trip you need the four-wheel drive to keep you from getting stuck in the sand. Bringing your boat to the coast? Connect the trailer to the hitch and you’re on your way to a weekend in paradise. Of course when hunting season comes around that four-wheel drive will come in handy. And when it’s time to head back home with your weekend winnings, the truck bed will be full with more than just your yeti cooler.

Just because you live in a metropolitan area doesn’t mean you use your truck purely for morning commutes. When you want to hit the best riding trails, your truck carries your bike in the back, and carries you to where you need to go. If water’s more your thing, grab your surfboard, find the best surf spot and enjoy an early morning of riding the waves.


The Sports You Watch

This might be the only area where country and city truck owners can agree. There’s nothing better than pulling all your buddies’ trucks together, popping a cooler in the back, and tailgating your favorite team. Whether that’s taking place in your neighbor’s multi acre backyard or the parking lot of your favorite barbecue restaurant, cold beer and touchdowns will be the topic of conversation. Having a big truck bed is the perfect companion for a tailgate with the friends you love. There’s room for footballs, dirty shoes, a six pack, and all of the rest of your sports gear. Your friends will be glad you and your truck are around no matter what part of the US you’re in.

Whether you’re a country or a city person, ExactMats is your best bet for keeping your truck clean and reliable. Find your exact truck in the vehicle finder above and you’ll be on your way to making your truck as happy as it makes you.

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