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5 Reasons Why Your SUV is Your Best Friend

Three hours of traffic, one premium Spotify account, and two fast food stops later and your SUV starts to feel like the closest friend in your life. Whether you’re in a big city like Los Angeles with a daily commute that has you burning through podcasts, or a small town with rough roads, your SUV is the ultimate partner in crime. SUVs are full of personality. And with such a wide range of options, the possibilities are endless for how your vehicle can enhance your lifestyle. Take your Lexus GX for a swanky weekend getaway. More of a nature lover? Jump in your Jeep Wrangler and enjoy a camping trip of a lifetime. No matter the type of SUV you drive, you’re sure to agree with these five reasons why SUVs are more than just a vehicle.

They’re stylish.

Their sleek look and design are hard to pass up, not to mention their seemingly perfect size- not too big and not too small. You won’t stick out if you have to park in a small restaurant parking lot but you can effortlessly handle rougher streets and rocky parking spots. With new and trendy SUVs rolling out every year, sometimes you want one just because you like the way it looks. We don’t blame you! At ExactMats we value perfection from the exterior details of your car down to the floor mats in your trunk.


They’re spacious.

Whether you are carrying lots of people or just lots of stuff, SUVs are there to provide the space in your life for the things that matter most. Overpackers can breathe easily with the type of room SUVs allow. Event planner hauling flowers and linens? Field salesperson living on the road? SUVs make your life a little easier. Never utter the words “Sorry, no room!” again. And when you spot the perfect piece of furniture at a garage sale, you never have to figure out a stressful game plan to get it home. When you drive an SUV, you learn to love all of the extra room it opens up for your life to fill.

They’re ready for adventure.

Like all good friends, SUVs are down for anything. When you have a vehicle that can handle the mileage, baggage, and roads, you are free to take on the world as you please. Spontaneous group outings suddenly become more inclusive. Extravagant romantic picnics come to life with the opening of the trunk and then you can stargaze from your very own front row seat. And of course when less than opportune roads pop up in your path, you can move forward with confidence instead of having to turn back.


They’re adaptable.

Nothing’s better than the kind of friend you can have fun with either sitting at home and watching a movie, or getting out and taking a trip to an exotic location. No matter the scenery, your SUV brings you where you need to go with ease and adaptability. Unlike a large truck or a small sedan, SUVs fit in with a more diverse set of surroundings. Your SUV may be your BFF because it can roll with you to yoga class, a business presentation, and on a mountain adventure without skipping a beat.

They always have your back.

With the ability to tow and handle off roading, many SUVs can step in in a crisis. They literally have your back! Not only that, but they help you to be a better friend to the people you care about. Friend’s car stuck in the mud? Tie some rope up and pull them to safety. Making a last minute cross country move? Attach your storage pod and get ready to conquer a new city. Not only do SUVs give you the muscle but they also give you the visibility. Nothing beats the height and clarity of the driver’s seat in an SUV. Feel like master of the road with your vehicle.

SUVs suit you and your lifestyle better than any other vehicle on the market. With their ability to tow, spacious cargo space, capacity to carry around lots of people, and off road settings, they have so much to offer. Your vehicle deserves to be taken care of as much as it take care of you. Reward your SUV with the gift of ExactMats. Like your SUV, ExactMats are unique. Custom-fit and the clearest mats in the industry, you’ll never worry about helping your car keep up. Protect the inside of your vehicle as you ride off into the sunset (or rush hour traffic).

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