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New COVID-19 Expense Reimbursement Help for Schools

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How can I know in advance whether this is something I should invest the time to learn more about?

A: If you’ve had significant COVID-related expenses and are likely to have more, that’s the first indicator we can help you. Then, if any of the following COVID expense-related statements apply to your district, chances are our team can help you recover far more than you thought possible as well as help you optimize your spending.

1. The expenses were reasonable and necessary to protect the public health and safety.

2. You applied for reimbursement through the CARES Act, FEMA or elsewhere but were not fully reimbursed for the expense(s).

3. You have a sense that there are likely recoverable costs you haven’t identified or aren’t fully aware qualify.

4. You incurred new costs to set up or manage distance learning programs you wouldn’t normally have. Software, hardware, staffing, etc.

5. You’ve had hard costs related to navigating other grant programs for COVID, including internal staffing expenses.

6. You have un- or under-reimbursed costs for PPE, sanitizing, cleaning services, testing, related overtime costs, signage, acrylics, or any other necessary and reasonable expense.

7. You’ve been told that expenses you applied for recovery were not qualified for reimbursement, but common sense tells you they should be.

8. You expect to incur more COVID-related expenses moving forward.


Q: How do the companies on your team work together to help us?

A: ExactMade’s CEO will start the process with an initial conversation to uncover what you would ideally like to accomplish and whether your objectives make you a good candidate for expense recovery services. If you are we will work with Sanguard/Imagen to arrange a more comprehensive conversation with subject matter experts to so both your and we can more fully understand if or how we can assist you. There is no charge for this meeting, nor is there any expectation of the outcome. The goal is to understand your needs, and enable you to

understand how, or if, we can help you solve for those needs in a way that is more beneficial than your going it alone.

Once that conversation occurs, you can decide if you’d like for us to assist you. Sanguard/Imagen will maintain overview of the developments with each of the team members to orchestrate the most beneficial outcome for you, financially and functiuonally.

Q: How will the process work?

A: Like any quality program, it all begins with an introduction to understand your needs on the broadest level. That will include what you know you want to accomplish, plus other insights we will share with you on other, unstated opportunities you may not be aware of and wish to take advantage of.

If you are interested in our assistance, we will create a proposal for your approval, and if it meets your expectations we will help you accomplish your recovery (past and future spending) and assist with helping you optimize future spending.

Q: Are there costs or fees involved in acquiring this help?

A: Said another way, is this a program that will ultimately cost you anything? Any kind of resources you’ve needed or may need, whether they are supplies, consulting or whatever, will typically have a price attached to them.

But here’s where our team differs from others. A prime objective will be to use our collective expertise to help you recover COVID expenses to the fullest extent possible including any costs there might be related to recovering those expenses. This is a fully comprehensive expense recovery program.

Ideally, you will always get more value from a program like this, because we care about optimizing both sides of your balance sheet; spend for what is needed and recover as much of that spending as possible; most or all of it is not uncommon. Our goal is to get you to a neutral or better position. It will be a combination of expenses and offsetting the cost of past or future expenses through sound and dependable recovery practices.

Q: What can we expect to get reimbursed for?

A: You can expect to get reimbursed for anything that qualifies for federal reimbursement. Individual circumstances will differ from district to district, and we will focus on reimbursement of any qualifying expense that has not already been reimbursed. In fact, this team can help you with federal reimbursement for eligible disaster spending outside of COVID as well, if you wish.

Q: Are those costs related to working with you reimbursable as well?

A: As long as we are in an emergency environment, it is likely that any spending with us in combination with reimbursement assistance will also be mostly, if not fully, reimbursable. Individual circumstances will always vary, of course.

Q: What else should I consider?

A: If your answer to any of the following questions is “yes”, it would be worthwhile to have an introductory conversation.

1. I’d like a better understanding of all of the possible ways we might be able to get reimbursed for the unprecedented expenses we’ve incurred or will incur through COVID-19.

2. We’d like to recover as much as possible, but may not have the expertise to fully know what is possible or how to go about ensuring we succeed.

3. I think we could do better with the quality, pricing, selection or responsiveness of our PPE supplier(s) and could use help in making that happen.

4. Quality and speedy diagnostic testing is an important part of our vision to get our schools reopened and/or to keep them open safely, and we would like to explore the best possible way of executing it.

5. Knowing that any expense recovery would be guided to our district, versus getting lost in the state system, would be ideal.

6. Greater convenience, time savings, and peace of mind are things I know my team would appreciate helping them with.

Q: How soon can we get started?

A: We are ready for our initial conversation when you are. Based on the timeframe, your level of interest and our work queue, we will be able to suggest potential project start dates.




Dear AASA Member, 


Thank you for visiting. I’m confident that the alliance ExactMade has entered with Imagen/Sanguard, along with the capabilities of the full team I described in my email, will deliver truly meaningful relief to K-12 school systems; financially and administratively.  

Your understanding of the value we’ve created, and how you can take advantage of it, will determine whether you wish to further explore how your school system can benefit. 

If you’ll allow me to get started with providing some additional clarity here, you can then decide if you want to more fully explore the possibilities availed to you. 

I do hope we have an opportunity to speak in order to at least help you decide if you want to take advantage of what we're offering; from working to recover more or most of your COVID-19 expenses, or by supplying you will other needed resources that will best serve your operational, human and financial needs. 

I've answered some frequently asked questions below to help you further evaluate our capabilities and the benefits of what our team can offer. 

Warm regards, 


Ken Olan 

CEO, ExactMade LLC




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