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How To Order Custom Mats and Liners


ExactMats products are incredibly versatile and are a great way to beautifully protect your surfaces without negatively affecting the esthetics of the SPACE around them. And, because there are so many ways to use ExactMats, many of our customers often find themselves creating new products and applications during the ordering process, some checking out with a large number or array of products.

As a company committed to creating a world-class customer experience, we want to make sure you know exactly how to place your order, via our custom order form, as easy as possible, and to save you valuable time. The following instructions will carefully walk you through the ordering process so ensure you receive exactly what you want. It’s really quite simple, but we’re committed to making it crystal clear, just like our products!

First, let's go through our terminology (Note: if you're unsure of any field in our form while placing an order, you can click the question mark next to the field to get more information on it):

Order Form Terminology


(A) Label:

Labels are assigned letters that help you match your liners or protective mats to the Room you enter in the order form. You do not need to enter anything in the Label section as we already apply Room Label letters to your customized Room. We start with "A" as the first Label and progress through the alphabet when additional rooms are added. For example, you may associate Label A with "Kitchen", Label B with "Office", and Label C with "Master Bathroom".

  • (B) Room:

Rooms are custom fields where you can describe the room that you are ordering liners or mats for. These are associated with Labels so that you can easily review your order's location guide (included in multi-piece orders), and quickly drop your products into the correct room and placement location. For instance, if you have a few different rooms that you are lining, such as a kitchen and a home office, you may name your kitchen's Room "Kitchen", and the home office's Room "Home Office".

(C) Location:

Here, you should enter the exact location within the room that the liner will be placed. Describe it in the way you’ll best understand. For example, if you are lining your kitchen pantry's shelves you may call one of them "Pantry, Top Shelf" and another "Pantry Bottom Shelf". If you are lining your desk that has 3 drawers, you may call it "Desk Drawer Top", "Desk Drawer Middle", "Desk Drawer Bottom".

  • (D) Finish:

    Here, you'll enter the material you want for each individual piece you order. We've created three clear materials to serve your needs. All are flexible yet nearly indestructible. Crystal™ is clear, just like glass, Riverstone™ has a subtle texture to it, and CarpetShield™ is similar in texture to Riverstone, but also includes grippers underneath, to hold onto carpeting.

  • (E) Corners:

  • Choose whether you want perfect 90° square corners that fit tight, or slightly rounded corners (1/4" diameter roundness, by default) for a more finished look.

Note: rounded corners leave very little area uncovered. The look is simply more refined, with a little more ease of removal for any needed cleaning.

  • (F) Length:

    Here you'll enter each mat's length. For this dimension, we allow a minimum measurement of 2", and a max measurement of 200" (please contact us if your needs are outside of these measurements).
  • (G) Width:

Here you're enter the mat's width. For this dimension, we allow a minimum measurement of 2", and a max measurement of 46" (please contact us if your needs are outside of these measurements).

Note: Width and length are potentially interchangeable. For example, if you need to order a piece that's 47" in one direction, you won't be able to enter 47" in the width section. Instead, you'll want to add it to the length section and add the second, shorter dimension in the width section. If the width and length both exceed the allowed parameters, please contact us. We're always happy to try to come up with creative solutions for our customers!

(H) Quantity:

In this field, you'll add the quantity of each piece you're ordering.

  • (I) Total:

    Your total for each line item will show here, while the order subtotal will show at the bottom of the form, under "Total".

  • (J) Add Location:
  • When you're ready to add another Location within a room, you'll click "Add Location", where new form fields will be created for your next item(s). There will be no field for "Room" in this case, as the room remains the same.
  • (K) Add Room:
  • When you're ready to add another Room, you'll click "Add Room". From here, new form fields will be created for your next Room, and associated locations can be added.  

How To Place A Custom Order


Using the above terminology, here's how you'd create your own custom order:


  1. Go to our custom order form:
  2. The first fields will be created for you (Label A) - this is where you'll want to start. Here's how the page will look when you are looking to place a brand new order:

    Custom Order Form Page: New/Blank
  3. Start by entering your room's name. In this example, let's call it "Kitchen". Kitchen will now be associated with "Label A".
  4. Enter a location name. In this example, we'd call the location "Pantry". However, please note: if you have multiple pieces associated with a specific location, and their dimensions are all different, you may opt to be more specific and call it "Pantry - Top Shelf", where subsequent Location entries may be "Pantry - Middle Shelf" and "Pantry - Bottom Shelf".

    If, on the other hand, the dimensions are all the same, naming a Location something as simple as "Pantry", like what we're doing for our example, should do the trick. In our example below, we had 3 pantry shelves that had identical measurements:
  5. Choose a finish. We offer Crystal, Riverstone, and CarpetShield (see "(D) Finish:" the top of this page for more information on each finish option). If you have any questions about whether the finish you're selecting is ideal for a specific situation, please contact us. We're happy to help!
  6. Enter your corner shape. We offer two options currently: 1) Rounded (chosen by default), which can offer a more finished look (defaulted to 1/4" corner diameter - contact us if you have specific needs), and 2) Square, which means the corners are 90 degrees and square.
  7. Enter your length in inches, as well as the nearest fraction of an inch you'd like to select. Make sure to read our "How To Measure" guide before making your selections.  
    - See note under "(F) Length:", at the top of this page for more info.
  8. Enter your width. Make sure to read our "How To Measure" guide before making your selections.
    - See note under "(G) Width:", at the top of this page for more info.
  9. Enter your quantity for the associated piece(s).
  10. When you're ready to add another location within a room, simply click "Add Location" and continue the process with the above steps.
  11. When you're ready to add another room, simply click "Add Room" and continue the process with the above steps.

    Continue steps 10 and 11 until you have entered all of the pieces you'd like to place for your order, and have added all of the locations and rooms you plan on including.

  12. Ready to place your order? Great! To give you a visual, here's what a small order may look like:

    To add your order to your cart, click "Add To Cart", at the bottom of the form.
    This will bring you to your cart, where you'll see something like this:

From here, you can modify your order by clicking "Modify" next to any item(s).
Note: You'll be brought back to the order page to make modifications if you select "Modify" on any item(s).

You can also include special instructions, view your subtotal, and check out.

And that's it! Once you've reached the first page of checkout, you'll enter your contact information and shipping address, select a shipping method (by default, we offer free FedEx SmartPost, but we offer upgrades for faster delivery), and select a payment method. You may elect to use the same billing address as your physical address, or choose a new one, and you may also choose to opt-in to save your settings for future orders.