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About Home & Office


In our first seven years as a company, ExactMats® was fortunate enough to become the leading maker of clear, perfect-fitting protective floor liners for cars, trucks and SUVs.

Then in 2004 we uncovered another opportunity to apply our expertise. That year our growing customer base started to ask us if we could produce clear, exact fitting protective coverings for a variety of applications; drawers, cabinets, home and office furniture, restaurant surfaces, floors, countertops and more.

With clear demand for these products, we’re delighted that our customers helped us create a new line of business, and at that moment an innovation called ExactMats® Home & Office was born.

The idea was to create custom-made surface protection that exceeds the quality of anything else available on the market, and we did just that.

We addressed the entire spectrum of consumer wants including clarity, precise fit, sound dampening, and durability. At the same time, we focused on saving consumers and businesses the time, money and work required for do-it-yourself projects, or the price of paying someone to do the work for you.

In 2016, we innovated once again to bring to market the world’s first FDA-compliant material of its type with the same physical characteristics of our previous product, only better. And like our automotive products, all ExactMats® Home & Office products are fully made in America.

Now, ExactMats® Home and Office serves consumers and partners ranging from cabinet manufacturers and distributors to renovators, interior designers and others who want to provide clients with the additional peace of mind our products give.

From shelves to desks, countertops to drawers, and pantries to credenzas, ExactMats® Home & Office lays down a gauntlet of timeless protection.

For a fraction of the price of new cabinetry or furniture, consumers and businesses alike can now enjoy the highest quality protection of their investment, ready to be used immediately, at a price that says “value.”

Now the answer is clear.