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About ExactMats® Auto

In 1997, gasoline was $1.22 per gallon in the US. and Cadillac became the first American carmaker to offer automatic stability control. Additionally, General Motors, Ford and Crystler reaped record revenues and profits from the popularity of sport-utilities, pickup trucks and minivans.

1997 also marked the year that a couple of Texas-based, car-loving entrepreneurs recognized a new market opportunity. They saw a way to provide drivers, across all auto brands, a new, nearly invisible way to protect their floors, trunks and cargo areas from damage.

They called the company ExactMats® to reflect how the precisely each protective mat matched each vehicle according to its make, model and year.

Our founders recognized that, while the majority of car owners cared about keeping their floors clean and damage free, they also preferred to do so in a way that didn’t change the intended look of the vehicle. 

Since 1997 ExactMats® has manufactured millions of perfect-fitting, remarkably clear, virgin vinyl floor mats, in over 22,000 different automotive SKUs, representing sales to millions of consumers, and through over 1,000 dealerships, nationwide.

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