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Queen of the Unkempt Car: ExactMats has you covered (literally)

The car is a special place. It’s our mode of getting from point A to B. It’s the perfect venue to tune into your favorite podcast on the morning commute or for a singalong on Friday night with the girls on the way to dinner. You may use your time driving to touch base with family over bluetooth or finish up a work call. Not mention, that the car can serve as a prime snacking spot while in transit. The truth is that much of our lives takes place in the car.

Unfortunately, for some us you can tell that much of our life takes place in the car. A combination of old coffee cups, that water bottle you opened, took two sips of and forgot about, this week’s dry cleaning, last week’s dry cleaning, and those work heels that you can’t bear to wear while driving scattered throughout your car interior has you pegged as the Queen of one very unkempt car. A title you are not particularly fond of.

We are all guilty of tossing some trash on to the floor of the car from time to time. It’s inevitable. You’re a lady on the go and it’s all too often that you are pulling out of the coffee shop drive-thru when you look down and realize that you have nowhere to put your piping hot latte. Your nightmare has come to fruition, once again. The cupholders are all occupied. As you have grown accustomed in your busy life, you are called to make a swift decision - hold on to your latte and risk spilling it on your sleek ensemble or simply make room. Now for most of us, making room for your daily dose of caffeine means tossing yesterday’s empty latte cup on to the passenger side floor to join its companions - an array of empty water bottles, soda cans and straw wrappers. Now it’s OK, it’s OK, we all do it. And let’s be honest, the make room option is the only answer when your outfit is at risk.

Here is the caveat, your outfit may be saved but those day old latte cups are surely dripping sticky residue onto your car floor and carpets. This is all easily overlooked until the moment when your friend, or mom, or boyfriend are about to get into your car. That’s when the reality of operating your car as your personal trashcan sets in and you move fully into a frenzied cleaning mode to avoid the shame of being labeled as a “Car Slob.” After all, it’s one thing to be a slob, but it’s another to have other people know about it. The bottles and cups are easy enough to scoop up in a hurry before anyone can see, but what’s left behind is the overheated smell of latte goop that is at this point well embedded into your carpet. And as an added bonus, you can’t hide from the unsightly and sticky stains either.

You shouldn’t have to worry about the consequences of those last drips from yesterday’s coffee seeping their way onto your car floor. This is where ExactMats comes in as your silent savior in your time of need. ExactMats produces floor mats for your car’s interior that are specifically designed to protect the carpets without being bulky, invasive or an eyesore. Custom to your car make and model, the mats will precisely fit to the floor of your car. This means that you don’t even have to be (immediately) concerned about that rogue cup that rolled into the backseat last week. It also means that you do not have to be a car savant to figure out what mats are best for your car. Simply search for your car, order, and they ship for free directly to you. From that point onward all it takes is a quick wipe of your clear, sleek mats and you are own your way with your next passenger none the wiser.  

When you’re focused on portraying a clean and organized personal image, your car should be right in line with that standard. We know that maintaining a squeaky clean car one hundred percent of the time may not always be attainable, but shouldn’t you at least have the option? You deserve it, and so does your car. Life can get a little messy and ExactMats provides you with an easy clean up solution so that you’re the only one that has too see that things get a little out of order every now and then.  


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