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Drive for the Job You Want with ExactMats

You’ve heard to dress for the job you want, but some jobs extend beyond shoes and belts and into the seats of your car. If you’re a young professional, you know how important it is to uphold a professional appearance to obtain and maintain a job in today’s competitive business world. If you’re living in a big city with even bigger traffic like Los Angeles or Houston, you might find yourself spending less time behind a desk and more time behind the wheel.

First impressions mean a lot, especially in business. For people working in a field with frequent client interactions like real estate or business development, it’s even more important to have a neat and clean appearance. While you may be constantly doing things to enhance your personal appearance and upkeep, are you doing the same for your car?

Your car plays a big role in your day to day life. Hosting you and your clients as you drive to and from conference rooms, lunch meetings, and airport drop offs. Most of the time you see it more in a day than you see yourself through a reflection in a mirror or window. As a young professional, it too needs proper upkeep to maintain its professional look and feel.

In your car’s upkeep, it is important to remember that it's not just the mechanics and exterior that need attention to detail, but the inside too. Since it serves as a key form of transportation for you and your clients, it is important that the inside stays looking its very best. Just like your personal appearance, the look and feel of your car can play a huge role in the client's opinion of you personally that may even transfer to your business, so why wouldn't you want to make a positive impression?

Keeping the outside of your car clean can be achieved with a quick run through the car wash every few weeks, but the inside can prove to be a more difficult task. It can be more tedious and time consuming with all of the vacuuming and scrubbing you are all but forced to do to keep a clean car. Not only is it more difficult, but also has to happen more frequently. Unless you live down a dirt road or like to take an alternative off-road route to work, most of the time the inside gets dirty faster simply because you are constantly in and out of your car and bringing things in like food, drinks, and other items to get you through your morning commute.

You spend valuable minutes of your days trying to keep your car clean and feel like you just can’t catch a break, trying to balance all of that and a job as a young professional. ExactMats is the perfect solution to your problem. They are there to make your part of the job easier when it comes to cleaning your car by offering protection to your car mats and preventing them from damage and stains, saving you both time and work down the road.

With their precise fit, tailored to your exact make, year, and model, they keep your floor from getting ruined by all of the dirt and other things you track into your car on the bottom of your shoes. Living in the city, you never know what unwanted things you may drag in. They also serve as a way to keep your floors safe from all of the wear and tear caused by the friction of all of the going in and out, with everything from business meetings to taking clients to their desired destination.

 ExactMats are high-quality, American made, transparent mats that give you the look and feel that you desire by protecting your floor mats, while letting the beauty of the original floor mats show through. They allow you to pay attention to all of the fine details of your car and its mats with half of the work.

ExactMats are easy to clean with just a simple wipe down or rinse of with the hose, saving you from all of the vacuuming and scrubbing that you would have had to do without them.

With their lifetime warranty, they are hard to beat because they will always be there, no matter where life leads you or a new job may take you, allowing you to keep a clean car and impress clients for years to come.

While you are dressing for the job you want, ExactMats are busy making sure your car keeps up.

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