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7 Ways to Make Your Vehicle's Floor Mats Last Until the Kids are in College

Because being a parent is a full time job.

When you are a parent, it can feel like an all day marathon to make sure everyone has what they need and are taken care of. You barely have any room in your busy schedule to clean your house, much less make sure your car stays clean. You run a tight ship where time means everything and you can't afford to lose a second. That's why you need ExactMats, because cleaning them is as easy as a quick wipe down or rinse off with the hose, saving you hours from scrubbing and vacuuming.

Because you can always use a little help.

In all of the disorder that comes with being a parent, you can always use a helping hand to bring about some order. Kids manage to keep you busy cleaning up after them every time you turn around. They seem to have no care in the world about what those nacho cheese flavored chips or cheese crackers they just threw down on the floor will do to your mats. With their precise fit, ExactMats are there to keep those unexpected spills and lost cheese crackers from making a permanent mark on your floor mats, working hard to keep your car clean while you work hard doing everything else.

Because sometimes you feel like you are running a taxi service.

Running kids from one place to the next everyday, all day, can take a toll on your car, especially your floor mats. The wear and tear they receive from all of the coming and going can make them start to look old and worn out in a short amount of time. ExactMats will keep them from getting that rundown look and allow you to not worry what those little feet may bring in from one stop to the next.

Because you never know when your car will become the next lunch spot.

In all of your running like crazy from one place to the next, there is little time to take a lunch break. In this case, the car seems to find itself as the solution to the problem but seems to bring about other problems when the food ends up on the floor instead of in the kids mouths. The floor becomes a gritty disaster after the crumbs that had fallen into the kids laps or were once on their hands are brushed off onto the floor. Your kids have turned your floor mats into a personal garbage disposal, leaving the floor looking like a ketchup and chocolate milk stained art piece that you never asked for. ExactMats offer protection from those crazy messes. So the next time you hear someone mention the 10 second rule, you don't have to worry about what new masterpiece you have waiting for you on the floor of your car.

Because you have to be ready for anything.

When you are a parent, you never know what task will be handed to you next, so you have to be ready for anything. ExactMats are a good thing to have in your car because when you're asked to drive a bunch of kids with muddy cleats home from soccer practice, or put a project for an upcoming science fair with all kinds of who-knows-what on it in your car, you will be ready. The best part is that they have a lifetime warranty, so even when the worst happens, they have always got your back.

Just because you are a parent doesn't mean your car has to show it.

Being a parent usually takes a lot of sacrifices, but you don't have to sacrifice the look and feel of your car as long as you have ExactMats. With ExactMats, you can be sure to keep those floor mats looking brand new and free from the tough stains that appear when you have kids. ExactMats are made out of the highest-quality, American made material offering you maximum transparency, while also allowing you to show off the appeal of the original mats. They give you a clean stylish look, even if you do drive a mom car!

Because once you have them, you will wonder how you ever lived without them.

ExactMats offer a great solution to keep your car mats clean and free from stains as a busy family. With their exceptional protection and precision, you can count on them to come in handy in everyday situations and for the ones that you didn't quite plan for. ExactMats- the secret to every parent's perfect car mats!

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