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Why You Need to Protect Your Trunk

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We’re often asked by prospective customers, “Do I need to get ExactMats for my trunk or cargo area or is just putting them inside my car enough?” Our answer is always, “That’s really up to you.  Only you know how you use, or may use, your vehicle.”   

It’s common sense to know that the number one trafficked area in any vehicle is the driver’s side floor.   The car isn’t likely to be going anywhere, or toting anyone else around, without a driver.  

What most people don’t realize is that the second most used part of a car is the trunk or cargo area.  Indeed, we use it to grocery shop, to bring home stuff from the local gardening center, to throw in the miscellaneous stuff we don’t want sitting inside the vehicle.  Plus we certainly use it to transport things we don’t want to try to put inside the car for fear of doing damage.  Things like bicycles, luggage, extra windshield washer fluid, antifreeze or the can of gasoline we pump and bring home to run our lawnmower.

In addition to doing most of the grocery shopping at my house, I do a lot of gardening.  So protecting my cargo area is mission critical. I find that sod, plants, stones, fertilizers and other things are a lot easier to clean out of my cargo area when I can just pull out the protective mat and shake it off.  True, the vacuum cleaner gets a little lonelier, but it I think it will forgive me for not having to choke up the debris.

So the question informed consumers need to ask is this: “Will I ever use my trunk or cargo area to transport something that could damage it from spills, scratching, tearing or dirt, and if so, would I be better off investing a few bucks to reduce the likelihood of that damage occurring.

In other words, is there likely to be a good reason to protect that area of the vehicle, and will you be glad to have the added protection when the time comes, because it likely will.

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