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Why Virgin Vinyl?

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At ExactMats we know you work hard for your money.  Likewise, as a smart consumer, you want to have confidence in what you are buying to know your money being invested in the best possible solution. In this post, I’ll give you the 411 on why ExactMats, the original clear automotive floor mats, are made of 100% virgin vinyl and why that has been the case since we founded the company in 1997.

Back in 1997 when we created our company, we also created a new product category; clear, perfect-fitting protective mats.  It was a pioneering move, so we explored dozens of possible materials to ensure the product we manufactured was of unmatched quality.  

After months of exploring the possibilities, our extensive research led to a single conclusion; 100% pure virgin vinyl is the best possible choice for our products and our customers.

exactmats clear virgin vinyl car mats

Clarity: Our product innovation depended on the clarity of the material we used. We wanted to create the clearest possible product; one that would allow the original factory flooring to show through.Virgin vinyl (a.k.a. pure, first generation vinyl) was and still is the best solution for a number of compelling reasons.  

The purity of virgin vinyl delivered the best possible solution to that need, and when combined with the items below, became the most compelling choice.

  • Consistency: We wanted to deliver the highest quality product, but also knew we had to do so consistently, every time and over time. While we were aware that recycled vinyl or other materials were an option, we also knew that we could never be 100% certain of the quality or purity of the material would be getting.

    Our formulation had to be the same, each and every time.  While cheaper, recycled materials were available, we knew that virgin vinyl would always provide us with that important distinction . . . an extremely important one for our customers, and especially apparent to our repeat customers.

    • Clean: While product appearance is important, we also knew that our customers would have a nose! Unlike other materials that can overwhelm the senses, virgin vinyl does not produce an overwhelming or unpleasant smell. Instead it consistently registers in the range of what one would expect and hope a new car to smell like. Clean!

    • Durability: We wanted our product to last, so the strength of the material we used was yet another critical consideration. Our product had to be one that could withstand the test of time . . . and it has.

    The purity and consistency of first-generation vinyl provides dependable, predictable durability.  Ask our customers who’ve owned their original set of ExactMats for five, ten or even more years.  They simply have staying power.

    • Recyclable: While we knew virgin vinyl was made from hydrocarbons, we also learned that it is a 100% recyclable, and a highly desirable material at that.  

    Our production scrap is still sold to recyclers who create new life for the material in a different form, just as it has been since 1997.  There’s no waste for a product that has continuous lives.

    In a nutshell, ExactMats are made from 100% virgin vinyl to ensure the quality and durability of our products are unmatched in our category.  We can be clear on that!

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