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The 2017 Series.Yellow BRZ Looks...Yellow

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Subaru has just announced the Limited Edition Series.Yellow BRZ for the 2017 model year. Why the period after "Series"? I have no idea, but I also think that the whole iPod, iMac, iPhone, etc. naming convention is ridiculous, so I might not be the best person to comment on these things.

What I will tell you is that the Series.Yellow will be a limited production run of only 500 cars and will be available in 2017. In addition to the game-changing 5 horsepower increase for 2017, the Series.Yellow will also get you:

  • Exclusive yellow exterior color!
  • Unique yellow interior accents!
  • Brembo performance brake system!
  • SACHS performance shocks!
  • 17-in x 7.5-in black aluminum alloy wheels!

2017 series yellow subaru brz interior
Oooooh! Exclusive yellow interior!

Don't get me wrong, I really like the BRZ. I think it's styling is great and it's really fun to drive. If I was budget-conscious and buying my first sports car, I would be choosing between the BRZ and an MX-5 (just kidding, I would just get the MX-5 RF with that sexy, sexy targa top). If there is one real knock on the BRZ, it's that it is pretty widely considered to be criminally underpowered, something that can theoretically be remedied with some at-home upgrades, but you generally would like your sports car to be a little more sporty off the lot.

The interior of the Series.Yellow actually looks really sharp, I have always appreciated yellow as an accent color, but using it as the main body color is always a hit-or-miss choice. You risk either going to deep of a yellow and looking like a taxi, or too bright and looking like a lemon. The Series.Yellow looks like it might be leaning a little to close to the lemon-esque end of the spectrum, but I will withhold final judgement until I see one of these 500 limited edition models out in the wild.


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