General ExactMats® FAQs

1. What is ExactMats®?

ExactMats® is an accessible lifestyle brand dedicated to protecting at-risk surfaces while enhancing their appearance and feel function. The company provides solutions to meet the needs of vehicle owners, homeowners, interior designers, commercial businesses, and anyone else who values safeguarding their investment while simultaneously beautifying it. To learn more about us and our company’s history, please go to our About page.

2. What is "virgin vinyl" and why should I care?

Simply put, virgin vinyl is a first-generation material made with no reconditioned chemicals or additives. A large portion of vinyl-based products are made from old vinyl that has been broken down and re-used to save manufacturers money in exchange for reduced quality. This results in a reduction in product clarity and can result in an unpleasant odor, and a material that will tend to break down over time. By utilizing 100% virgin vinyl, ExactMats® delivers products that are clear, clean, and virtually indestructible. For our Home & Office line, our vinyl is specially formulated to be FDA compliant ensuring safe use in kitchens, bathrooms and other areas.

3. Are ExactMats® products made in the USA?

Every product ExactMats® produces is fully made in the USA, starting with out proprietary material which is manufactured in Alabama before being shipped to our custom-cutting factory in Texas. Once here, every mat/liner is made-to-order to your exact specifications and then shipped directly to your door. Since we started our business in 1997, we’re been proud to be a "Made in America" company.

4. What is the turnaround time from the date my order was placed to the time I receive delivery?

Our production standard for ExactMats® Auto products is one business day. Delivery time is dependent on the shipping destination. So a good delivery estimate, including production time and transit time can be three to nine days. Most automotive product  deliveries occur within three to five business days.

Our production standard for ExactMats® Home & Office products is two business days. This means that a good delivery estimate, including production time and transit time (depending on where the delivery is going), is four to ten business days. Most home and office deliveries occur within five to seven business days.

Please see our Shipping & Delivery page for more information.

5. Do you ship internationally?

All ExactMats® products are available for delivery within the continental United States and Canada, via our website. However, if you have a special request, we would be happy to get a shipping price quote for you

6. What payment methods do you take?

We currently accept most major credit cards, including American Express, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, Mastercard, and Visa, as well as Paypal.  For our business customers, we can work with purchase orders and similar instruments for your convenience.

7. Do you charge sale tax?

ExactMats® is required by law to collect sales tax on orders with a billing address in Texas. Appropriate charges will be added to your merchandise total and displayed on your final order confirmation. Out of state orders are sold without sales tax.

If you are a reseller, please provide us with your reseller identificatiion number to allow us process your order without sales tax.

8. How do you ship your products, and is it included in the price?

Please see our Shipping & Delivery page for all information on returning any product(s).

9. What is your return policy?

Please see our Return Policy for all information on returning any product(s).

10. Can I apply multiple discounts to the same order?

Customers may apply one discount, coupon or pricing code or offer per order.

11. Can I partner with ExactMats®, or set up a wholesale/reseller account?

Yes. If you are a design professional, cabinet or furniture manufacturer, car dealer, retailer or other potential strategic partner, and would like to explore wholesale/reseller pricing, write to us through the “Contact Uspage or call 888.395.6004. We’ll be responsive to your request and walk you through our wholesale program.

ExactMats® Home & Office FAQs

1. What products does ExactMats® Home & Office make?

ExactMats® Home and Office is in the business of protecting vulnerable household and workplace surfaces from being damaged. We apply our technology to creating precise-fitting coverage for everything from cabinets and drawers to furniture, closet applications, laundry rooms, storage rooms, garages and pretty much wherever you want added protection.

2. What color are ExactMats® Home & Office liners?

Our products are clear and virtually colorless. Seriously.

3. Do Home & Office liners change color over time?

Our home and office products will remain their original color (colorless) and maintain their clarity in most every-day conditions. Lengthy exposure to the sun or spilling something that will chemically alter the color of the material (i.e., a solvent) are rare, given the typical use of our products.

4. Which surface finish option is best for me?

ExactMats® Home & Office currently offers two different material styles/finishes. They are made of identical ingredients, but provide two distinct looks. The major considerations for selecting the right material are pretty simple:

Where will you be using it?  How will you be using it?How do you want it to look?

In general we suggest using the following guidelines in making your selection:

Riverstone is clear with a slight grain in the surface. It’s commonly used for shelf and drawer liners for home or office. It is also popular for credenzas and wire shelving where items may be slid over it. Riverstone allows the underlying surface color or grain to show through, while the subtle pebble-like grain also increases its friction, to reduce the likelihood of items sliding on it. Another benefit of Riverstone is that its microgrooves allow air to circulate under items, such as glasses or plates, that may come out of the dishwasher with some moisture on them.

Crystal is most popular for uses where fully transparent, glass-like appearance and clarity is desired. Given that Riverstone is smooth, and whole it will resist scratching, it is more likely to show a scratch that Riverstone is. Entertainment centers or other showcase pieces are common applications, are are clothing drawers or other surfaces where where a more dramatic effect is desire.  While Crystal cannot completely duplicate the look of glass, it does approximate it to a surprising level.

Both materials have the same physical cushioning and sound dampening qualities, and while vinyl is not hard like glass, it is far more forgiving, and will more safely absorb impact (think a wine glass that is knocked over.)

5. How should I measure the areas I want to protect to be sure I’m accurate?

We recommend using either an ordinary tape measure or, if you’re adventurous, you can use a laser-measuring tool. Since all of our products have a 1/16” margin of error, we think a tape measure is just fine. For drawers and shelves, we recommend having a small gap in at least one dimension (width or length), which will allow you to more easily remove the liner for any needed cleaning. Of course, rounding the corners will also do the trick. Remember, it is always better to measure twice, and cut once.

For more information see our How To Measure page.

6. What if I measure incorrectly?

While we have no control over the measurements you provide to us, we want you to have what you need. If you inadvertently make an error in a measurement, simply reach out to our Support Team for instructions on sending the item back to us so that we can replace it for you with the correct size. We will only charge you 50% of our regular retail price, plus shipping for these types of orders.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to refer to our measuring guide here.

7. What if ExactMats® makes an error that doesn’t match what I put in the order form?

Our quality control process makes this very unlikely. However, in the rare event that an item you order is not made exactly to your specifications, and you have not altered the item in any way, you may return it at our expense. We will gladly send you the corrected item.

8. How does your pricing work?

ExactMats® Home & Office products are typically priced by the square foot. As you create your order in our order builder, you will see your price update to reflect your current selections. Any discount codes or other arrangements you may have will be applied to your order at checkout.

9. Do your products use an adhesive to hold them in place?

Oh gosh, no. Unlike contact paper or other such products, ExactMats® liners and mats are made with a robust, FDA compliant vinyl. While the product is flexible, it’s designed to be heavy enough, and with just enough rigidity, to stay in place without using any glue. After all, we want to protect your surfaces from damage, not muck them up.

10. Are ExactMats® Home & Office liners safe to use in my kitchen, and around kids and pets?

Absolutely! We developed the formula specifically with the kitchen in mind. That’s why we made sure our liners are FDA compliant for secondary contact with food and contain no harmful chemicals or dyes. Use them with peace of mind wherever you need perfect-fitting protection.

11. If I am a designer, builder, commercial client, or other supplier, can I coordinate delivery of my ExactMats® Home & Office order when my products (cabinets, desks, etc.) are delivered to me and ready to protect?

Absolutely. While we cannot guarantee an exact delivery date without an express shipping arrangement, we can typically coordinate with you to have your product arrive about the same time you’re ready to install it as long as we have the right amount of lead time to produce and ship it.

12. How will I know where each product belongs when I receive the order?

Regardless of the size of your order, our system is designed to make things easy for you. That’s why the ordering process allows you to identify exactly where you’d like each item to go, in your owns words, down to the very room and cabinet/drawer you intend on placing it. When you receive the order, each item will have an identifying tag on it specifying exactly where you intended to use it, (i.e., drawer to right of sink, Kitchen). Just remove the tag and drop it in place.

ExactMats® Auto FAQs

1. What are ExactMats® Auto floor mats?

ExactMats® provide exceptional, robust protection to vehicle floors, trunks and cargo areas but without the bulky appearance and physical weight often found in mass-market liners.  Our customers buy our products because they want to see the flooring or logo beneath the mat, not hide it. Each ExactMats® automotive line is made to match the exact size and shape of the manufacture’s factory mats according to make, model and year. So you get a perfect fit, and a nearly invisible barrier of protection.

2. Do your automotive products change color over time?

Anything that has gunk and dirt tracked on it, over time, will look like something less than brand new. However, ExactMats® are designed to remain clear under normal, everyday use.  Sure, they’ll take a beating and may not look brand new in three or five years, but your carpeted flooring under it sure will look good!  Mission accomplished!

3. How much floor area will my ExactMats® cover?

We design our automotive mats to match the precise dimensions of your original factory mats, so your new ExactMats® will fit perfectly  on top of your carpeted mats, protecting every line and curve.

Some vehicles are available with a UniMat option. The UniMat still fits the exact shape of the individual mats, but also provides a precise fit across the middle of the vehicle floorboard; an area that might not normally be protected by a factory mat. The UniMat is a great option for people who want that extra bit of protection in their vehicle.

4. I can’t find my vehicle on your website. What can I do to get ExactMats® in my car?

While we work with our partner dealerships to ensure that we have the latest mat templates for every vehicle design that hits the US market, occasionally one might fall through the cracks. If you don’t see your vehicle listed, or you are unsure about which model you should be buying, give us a call at 888.395.6004 and we will walk you through a simple process to get you the protection you need.

5. I have an older or imported vehicle that you don’t seem to offer. Can I still get ExactMats®?

Yes! We have done custom protective mats for a wide variety of classic, collectible and imported cars (even a few airplanes, boats, and RVs!). Give us a call or shoot us an email with more information about your vehicle, and we will work with you to get a custom pattern created just for your car (custom ExactMats® available on a case-by-case basis and may involve an custom-made pricing adjustment).

6. I received my ExactMats®, but they don’t seem to fit. What should I do?

We design and manufacture every set of ExactMats® to fit each specific vehicle in our inventory, exactly! Occasionally, customers will install their new mats and be concerned that there is an incorrect fit. Here are a few things to check first:

• Look at the box to make sure you ordered and received the correct make, model and year.  

• Next, check to see if your mats are facing the correct direction? Your ExactMats™ will be the exact same dimensions as the original carpeted mats by make, model and year, so make sure you have them rotated correctly to match up right.

• Are your ExactMats® on the correct side of your vehicle? There are often subtle variations in design between driver and passenger mats, or even mats in the second row. Make sure you haven’t accidentally placed an ExactMats® on the wrong side of the vehicle.

• Do you have the original factory floor mats in your car? ExactMats® are made to fit factory designs. Aftermarket mats that claim to be the same shape as the original are often, in fact, a different shape and /or size entirely. We certify our mats to fit their factory counterparts, so make sure you have your original mats in your vehicle.

• If you’ve tried these suggestions and are still having issues with fit, contact us at with photos of the ExactMats® on top of your factory mats. This will help out production team determine if there was some sort of error in the production or packaging process, and help them resolve your issue right away.

7. What if I no longer have the factory mats in my vehicle?

While ExactMats® are made to fit your original factory mats, if you no longer have those mats in your car you can absolutely use your new ExactMats® in place of them. Our stay-put grippers will still hold true on most carpeted floorboards.

More Questions?

Email us or give us a call at 888.395.6004