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Open Space™ Clear Barriers

by ExactMade

Social distancing just became a whole lot safer and more convenient. Open Space™ solutions offer portable, light-weight movable solutions to create safer social separation, up close. Our unique floor divider features a retractable design that makes it easy to use, move and store.

Perfect for the workplace, schools, stores and anywhere else that might host multiple people at one time.

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33” Wide X 78” High

47” Wide X 78” High


$144 ea.

$229 ea,


$124 ea.

$197 ea.


$119 ea.

$184 ea.


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  • Made of clear, marine-grade window vinyl provides visibility and safety
  • Roll-up, retractable “wall” creates physical barrier for close-up encounters
  • Easy set up and take down makes this solution ready when you are
  • Easily stores in its own convenient carrying bag
  • Modular in design, multiple barriers can be flexibly configured to the space as needed
  • Center of weight near aluminum base for added stability
  • Light weight and soft window fabric are far safer than heavy plexiglass walls.
  • Material can be printed on
  • Even dry erasable for alternative uses
  • Smoked version of clear material available for additional privacy and sun blocking
  • Intended for indoor use
  • Base can be converted to promotional banner after COVID
  • 33” Wide X 78” High - Assembly

    Graphic: Mix and match to create any variety of barrier shapes.

    Separate chairs in waiting area or hair salon to create more social comfort.           

    47” Wide X 78” High - Assembly

    Add Open Space panels to seating areas to increase safe seating capacity

    Add Open Space barriers between customer service areas or teller windows

    47” Wide X 78” High - Disassembly

    Add Open Space to waiting lines to create safety step-up zones

    47” Wide X 78” High - Breakdown

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